AcreTrader Acquires Broker-Dealer License to Further Empower Farmers Through Innovative Financing Model

March 30, 2023

Land Investment Platform Launching New Program to Help Farmers and Investors Grow Together

(Fayetteville, Ark.)AcreTrader, the land investment platform at the intersection of agriculture, tech and finance, announced that as of February 8, 2023, its financial subsidiary AcreTrader Financial, LLC is operating as a registered broker-dealer.

Registering as a broker-dealer enables AcreTrader to partner in a greater capacity with farmers to grow their operations, allowing the company to advise farmers as investment sponsors and assist them with private placements to raise growth capital. As sponsors, farmers can source, structure, and drive their own investment offerings. This sponsor model, while common in the traditional real estate space, represents a truly novel alternative to traditional financing options in land and agriculture.

The sponsor model provides greater autonomy to land and agricultural entrepreneurs, who will utilize the AcreTrader platform as a tool to raise passive equity capital to efficiently scale operations through land purchase, development and improvement. As the sponsor, the farmer can have a co-investment ownership stake in investment properties alongside passive investors and can receive additional financial upside based on their performance.

In turn, this is expected to expand opportunities for investors to broaden their exposure across the historically resilient asset class of farmland and build robust land portfolios alongside AcreTrader’s expert operators across the United States and Australia.

“AcreTrader’s sponsor model creates a mutually beneficial structure that allows enterprising growers access to capital to scale their operations, while providing investors direct access to true experts in the field,” said Drew Lipke, Director of Investments at AcreTrader.

About AcreTrader
AcreTrader empowers its customers to buy and sell land smarter through advanced technology, data, and expertise. Since its founding in 2018, AcreTrader has broadened access to buy, sell, and invest in land for thousands of investors, farmers, and landowners across the U.S. and Australia. Find out more by visiting and explore current offerings at

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