Stewarding Land.
Supporting Livelihoods.

Sustainability is what we practice every day to keep land healthy and productive. AcreTrader trusts our farmers as partners to make wise decisions for their farms, and we’re here to support them in sustaining their businesses, the quality of their land, and the food we depend on.

AcreTrader's Impact


Wind Energy

marker iconKankakee County, Illinois


Wind Energy

marker iconKankakee County, Illinois


Organic Transition

marker iconRenville County, Minnesota


Almond Ranch Development

marker iconYolo County, California


Organic Grain Production

marker iconAdams County, Nebraska


Fruit Orchard Expansion

marker iconGrant County, Washington
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AcreTrader’s Commitments

Sustainable Standards

We structure our leases according to industry leading sustainability standards, encompassing specific conditions related to soil fertility, erosion control, groundwater protection, and input management. Our preference for measurable and well-defined standards aligns with our commitment to more sustainable outcomes for farmers, investors, and the land.


Helping Farmers Grow

We assist farmers and their families in expanding their operations. We work closely with operators throughout the investment process, not just as tenants, but as collaborators and often as equity partners, helping them grow the value of their business as well as their acreage.


USDA Certified Organic

We support farmers in expanding USDA certified organic acres under operation and in transitioning acres to organic production for the first time. AcreTrader has raised tens of millions in capital for organic farming operations.

AcreTrader is proud to partner with these organizations:

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