AcreTrader Expands to International Farmland Investment

October 11, 2021

On September 24, 2021, AcreTrader syndicated its first international farm offering with the full subscription of Burnett River Citrus Orchards, an aggregation of three citrus farms in Queensland, Australia.

AcreTrader was founded with a simple mission: to democratize farmland selling and investing. In addition to allowing investors to access direct farmland purchases, we also provide farmers with new financing options to grow their operations.

Having funded nearly 70 farms across 13 states in major U.S. farming regions, international expansion is a natural progression for AcreTrader and has always been part of AcreTrader’s long-term vision. The company is proud to help investors achieve truly meaningful portfolio diversification by providing them access to new market regions as well as crops. Burnett River Citrus Orchards represents both.

Australia's well-established and diverse agricultural industry, strong title law, and overall political stability make it an ideal location for international farmland investing. Over the last 20 years, Australian farmland values have increased at a 7.6% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).

The three orchards to be acquired have previously operated independently as smaller farms. The offering sponsor will operate them as one, achieving efficiencies and economies of scale to provide citrus fruit (primarily mandarins) to the global market.

rows of trees in a citrus farm

The offering sponsor has a track record of demonstrated excellence in farm aggregation projects across Australia, as well as deep expertise on Australian water entitlements. Aqua Ceres, the Managing Member of the Sponsor, and its property management affiliate, Wealthcheck Funds Management, have developed and manage more than 100,000 acres of irrigated farmland in Australia. To learn more about the strategy behind this investment offering, visit our introduction to Australian mandarin crops.

“We are excited to be able to offer Australian agricultural investment opportunities to AcreTrader investors,” says Ben Maddox, Director of Farm Operations. “We strive to simplify investments in this unique asset class, and we believe we accomplish this goal in Australian agriculture through a clear investment structure and by partnering with a world-class operator like Aqua Ceres. We look forward to bringing more opportunities to our investors while maintaining the same level of due diligence our investors have come to expect from the AcreTrader team.”

AcreTrader also recently funded its largest offering to date, Brier Creek Pecan Orchard. Permanent crop offerings like these give investors the opportunity to participate in longer-term investments with the potential for higher returns. In addition to the thoroughly-diligenced row crop offerings that regularly appear on the AcreTrader platform, investors can expect to continue seeing new permanent crop opportunities, both at home and abroad.

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