AcreTrader Joins Leading Harvest to Further Sustainable Farming

December 09, 2021

As part of our continued commitment to sustainability, we are proud to announce our membership in Leading Harvest, the industry-leading sustainable agriculture standard.

Sustainable practice has always played a fundamental role in AcreTrader’s due diligence, farm management, and business operations. From USDA organic transition to alternative energy to improvement of farmer livelihoods, we actively seek ways to improve the environments and communities impacted by our business.

Leading Harvest’s science-based, third-party audited standards will help make our and our farmers’ many sustainable efforts more measurable and demonstrable, as well as help us align with efforts being made around the globe to advance long-term sustainability in agriculture.

Leading Harvest’s Farmland Management Standard

Leading Harvest has established a Farmland Management Standard addressing thirteen sustainability principles, which encompass areas such as protection of water resources, conservation of biodiversity, and employees and farm labor. Those principles inform a broad array of measures and indicators to demonstrate how we are addressing those standards in our business and farming practices.

Rather than prescribing specific best practices for farmers, these principles provide flexible and adaptable approaches for bettering the environment. We will collaborate with our farmer partners to build out conformance approaches unique to each operation.

How Leading Harvest Benefits AcreTrader Farmers and Investors

Farmers and ranchers have the greatest financial incentive to be the best stewards of the land to preserve their livelihoods and those of future generations. Leading Harvest’s globally recognized standard will allow us to share their efforts and impacts in a measurable way, as well as signal to the market that their products are being grown in a way that is beneficial to the environment.

For AcreTrader investors, the Leading Harvest standard may represent a meaningful extension of their sustainable investment strategy. Learn more about how AcreTrader supports sustainable agriculture and farmer livelihoods on our Impact page.

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