AcreTrader Launches AcrePro: a Technology-Forward Land Brokerage to Modernize Land Sales Nationwide

November 18, 2021

Geoff Lewis, Former President of RE/MAX, and Jeff Corbett, Former CRO of Better Real Estate, to Lead AcrePro

Nationwide Platform Offers Modern Brokerage Solutions for Brokers, Agents, Sellers, and Buyers

Fayetteville, AR., November 18, 2021 — AcreTrader, the technology company that connects investors, land, and farmers through fractional investing, today announced the public launch of AcrePro, a land brokerage platform offering best-in-class services for land sellers and buyers across the United States.

AcrePro is led by President Geoff Lewis, a real estate industry veteran and former President of RE/MAX Holdings, and VP of Growth Jeff Corbett, former CRO of Better Real Estate, a subsidiary of

U.S. farm and ranch land is one of the largest real estate sectors, exceeding $3 trillion in value, but it has been difficult for buyers and sellers to efficiently access the market as communication, marketing and technology have evolved. While there are many great brokers and agents, the industry remains behind the times.

AcrePro looks to work with top-tier land brokers and agents across the country who are looking to grow their businesses and improve outcomes for their customers. Leveraging proprietary technology, data and sophisticated digital marketing, as well as the team’s unique real estate leadership experience, AcrePro creates a transaction process that is timely and easy for all parties involved.

“Our team at AcrePro believes that land brokers, agents, sellers, and buyers deserve superior tools and a streamlined experience,” said Geoff Lewis, President of AcrePro. “I am thrilled to be surrounded by an incredible team of real estate and land industry experts as we help provide better information and access to our brokers, agents, and their customers nationwide.”

Part of AcrePro’s unique appeal within the industry is its technology platform, which provides buyers and sellers with expertly-handled, smooth transactions. Through the AcrePro platform, sellers gain exposure to potential buyers nationwide and comparable sales data from across the U.S. This sales data is compiled with other data sets such as historical performance, remote sensing, and soil surveys, in a proprietary tool that delivers a more precise analysis alongside expert local opinion. The platform is continuously updated by AcrePro’s team of top data scientists and software engineers to provide clients with the real-time information they need.

“AcrePro provides sellers and buyers with the best opportunity to reap the benefits of this underappreciated asset class anywhere in the nation by making it easier to assess, sell, and purchase land,” said Jeff Corbett, VP of Growth at AcrePro. “We look forward to working towards our vision of making buying and selling land common, transparent, and easy.”

At launch, AcrePro is working with land sellers, buyers, and brokers across Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota and Tennessee. AcrePro plans to expand to many other states in the coming months.

About AcreTrader

AcreTrader is a farmland investing platform that removes traditional barriers to farmland ownership.

The platform provides transparency, flexibility, and ease of use to people who want to invest in farmland. AcreTrader handles all aspects of administration and property management, from insurance and accounting to working with local farmers and improving soil sustainability.

AcreTrader also works with farmers by providing new financing options to grow their operation. The platform is currently available to accredited investors throughout the U.S. For more details visit:

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