AcreTrader Launches Acres, a Geospatial Analytics Platform Providing Comprehensive Insights on Land Value

October 05, 2022

Software Empowers Landowners and Land Professionals with Simplified, Intuitive and Comprehensive Data to Analyze Land Value & Productivity

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. —AcreTrader today announced the official launch of [Acres](, a user-friendly land analysis platform for desktop and mobile that provides access to comprehensive data for 150 million U.S. parcels, local insights and comparable sales. The Acres platform is a key part of the company’s mission to make buying and selling land common, transparent and easy.

While there are numerous public databases available, finding and valuing land requires logging into multiple systems, reconciling conflicting data and hours of research to understand basic information about a property.

To support a more efficient and transparent marketplace, Acres’ large in-house team aggregates and analyzes both public and private data into one, easy to use tool. The platform provides users with simple and intuitive analysis into the most important features of a given land parcel, including public owner records, soil and crop information, historical satellite imagery, vegetation indexes, water use, comparable sales and more.

With 10+ layers of insights, users can quickly and confidently analyze, save, customize and share maps to maximize the value of their property or make more informed purchasing decisions. Acres offers pricing plans for users ranging from a free account for everyday landowners to premium and enterprise levels for brokers, land professionals and land finance companies.

Acres is led by Justin Ge, a former analyst, trader and data scientist at Bridgewater Associates and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Ge is joined by a team of top data scientists, software engineers and land experts.

“Technology has provided numerous tools to make smarter portfolio management decisions and more accurate asset valuations. However, until now, these tools have largely been unavailable across the broader land industry and asset class,” said Ge.

“Through Acres, landowners and land professionals can leverage a substantial amount of data and land value insights to make the most informed buying or selling decisions and to improve the value of their land. Our team is very excited about this transformative platform, and we look forward to continuing to partner with farmers, brokers, landowners and investors to unlock deeper land value insights.”

“Acres fills a critical need in the land marketplace by providing the necessary information to best evaluate, understand and improve land,” said Carter Malloy, founder and CEO of AcreTrader. “I am extremely proud of what the Acres team has built and am excited to provide this solution to our growing network of partners in the land profession.”

The launch of Acres follows AcreTrader’s $60 million Series B funding round earlier this year and continued growth across the company’s platform.

About Acres

Acres is an advanced land analysis tool that makes it easy to find and value land with confidence. You can easily view 10+ layers of land data for millions of U.S. parcels, like comp sales, soil maps, crop history and more. Plus, you can claim your land to create custom maps, upload photos and share reports in just a few clicks. Visit to create a free account.

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