AcreTrader Achieves Certification to the Leading Harvest Management Standard

July 14, 2023

Farmland Investment Company Demonstrates Successful Conformance with Sustainable Agricultural Management Program

(Fayetteville, Ark.)— AcreTrader, the land investment platform at the intersection of agriculture, tech and finance, announced today it has been certified to the Leading Harvest Management Standard, the industry-leading sustainable agriculture standard. The company and its approximately 25,000 managed farmland acres have successfully demonstrated conformance with the standard, affirming the company’s commitment to sustainable outcomes for farmers, investors, and United States farmland.

The farmland investing company began enrolling its acres under management in the program in 2022 and recently completed its certification audit with third-party auditing company Averum, achieving Leading Harvest certification for the company and the farmland it manages.

Leading Harvest is a not-for-profit organization that partners with stakeholders to establish and measure sustainable initiatives across the agricultural value chain. The Leading Harvest Management Standard consists of thirteen sustainability principles encompassing areas such as the protection of water resources, conservation of biodiversity, and employees and farm labor. These principles inform a broad array of measures and indicators to demonstrate how business and farming practices address environmental and social responsibility. Averum is an accredited certification body that provides sustainability assurance audits in the food and agriculture industry.

The certification process was spearheaded by Farm Operations Manager Rachel Chaffin, who worked with partners from Leading Harvest and Averum as well as farmers and farm managers of AcreTrader properties to establish and verify sustainable farming and business practices.

“AcreTrader’s certification to the Leading Harvest Management Standard is a major milestone for our company. Our goal is to serve the environments and communities we operate in and support our farming partners in making sustainable long-term decisions for the land they farm. Leading Harvest’s standard is how we know we’re doing what we set out to do,” said Chaffin.

“Very few industries have as big of an opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment, communities, and farming professionals as agriculture does. Responsible land stewardship and sustainable agriculture are at the heart of AcreTrader’s business. We are working to protect and enrich productive farmland and the lives of those it impacts, and we’re honored to partner with Leading Harvest in that endeavor,” said Carter Malloy, CEO and founder of AcreTrader.

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