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The products of Montana’s varied farming operations make it the largest industry in the state. Nearly 65% of this production comes from Cattle and Wheat, for which Montana ranks number three in exports in the entire country. Aside from these major commodities, Barley, Sugar Beets, Cherries, Lambs and Hay have been produced widely throughout history and still today. As of 2017, there were a total of 27,048 farms covering 58.1 million acres of land in Montana, 62% of the state’s total land area. The average size of each farm was roughly 2,149 acres, which puts it in the top 5 states in terms of average farm size.

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According to the latest USDA Ag Census, the market value of commodities sold in Montana was over $3.5 billion. $1.6 billion of crops, including greenhouse and nursery crops and $1.9 billion worth of Livestock, Poultry and their products. In 2018, Montana was ranked number 3 in Wheat exports and 13th for Beef and Veal exports in the United States.

The top 5 counties in terms of agricultural sales were Chouteau County, Yellowstone County, Fergus County, Hill County, and Beaverhead County. When combined, these counties make up 20% of Montana's total agricultural revenue.

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