How Do Commodity Prices Affect Farmland Returns? (Video)

February 19, 2020

Video Transcript

There is another question here about the impact of low commodity prices and does that drive down financial returns and yields?

We touched on that a little bit earlier in the webinar, but as a whole we expect rents to be stable. We don't expect them to be up next year where commodity prices are here and there.

There may be a few places in the US, a few we call really hot markets, like some in Iowa particularly, where rent is already too high and you may see some corrections there.

But as a whole, we expect stability and inversely if commodity prices do improve, we expect rents to improve because we've been flatish for years now in the data.

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Carter Malloy

Founder and CEO

Carter grew up in an Arkansas farming family and has had a lifelong passion for investing, agriculture, and conservation. Prior to founding AcreTrader, he was part of an equity investment firm and a Managing Director with Stephens, Inc.

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