Why Farmers And Sellers Work With AcreTrader

December 01, 2020
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This article was edited to meet broker-dealer compliance guidelines in April of 2023.

AcreTrader partners with farmers across the United States, and large numbers of farmers and operators have approached AcreTrader as a preferred partner to help them expand their operations.

At the core of AcreTrader’s offering to all of its partners are the qualities of expertise, speed, and flexibility.

Below, we discuss how core traits allow us to provide unique solutions to farmers, land sellers, and farmland brokers.

AcreTrader’s 3 Traits


Time is of the essence in any real estate transaction. With our team of farm analysts we are able to quickly underwrite and provide confirmation of our intentions to potential partners within hours or days.

While some of our offerings have been fully subscribed in a few hours, most of the offerings on our Platform are currently funding within 1 week.

Thereafter, depending on our title partners, we can usually close a farm purchase within the month. For reference, in a traditional transaction, most farms take between 6 and 18 months to sell.

From start to finish AcreTrader can acquire a farm in between 30 and 60 days!


Agriculture is a unique industry and requires experience to understand both the asset and the businesses which depend upon it for their livelihood.

Our team has deep experience both in the fields and in the office while working to finance both farming operations and acquisitions. This rare skill set sets us apart from many other newcomers to the industry.

While we consider ourselves financial analysts and technologists, we are farmers first and foremost.


Real estate transactions of all kinds can be complicated. Our team has extensive experience in analysing and structuring real estate acquisitions.

We pride ourselves on creative deal making which provides the best outcome for all parties involved.

How We Work With Farmers


Farmers understand speed. We know that there are all too many times when there aren’t enough hours in a day!

Once a crop is ready for harvest, there is an extremely short window that the crop must get out of the field, and the same is true during planting season.

So, when we get a call from a farmer that a neighboring field may be for sale just before planting season, we move quickly. In some scenarios we can have the farmer planting on that field within weeks.


Our farm analysts have been on planters and sprayers, shoveled dirt behind polypipe machines, and spent countless hours on dozers and backhoes cleaning out ditches.

That is the primary foundation on which we have built our knowledge of farmland acquisition. It is also what allows us to speak plainly with our partners about what we do and, in some cases, do not like about a farm.

Our open and honest conversations about all aspects of partnership starts with understanding what it is like to farm.


There are many terms which can make a transaction more flexible for a farmer.

The ability to lease a farm that we buy, offering farmers a right of first offer on the back end of an investment period, and the ability to improve a farm through dirt work before leasing it are all things we have done.

These types of structures and approaches allow farmers an opportunity to have a different kind of leasing, investing, or selling arrangement than would otherwise be available to them.

How We Work With Land Sellers


There are times when speed matters in a sale. Other times speed still matters, but only within a certain window.

AcreTrader is always working to buy land, so there are cases where we will negotiate a contract to purchase a farm contingent upon the seller’s being able to acquire another property for a 1031 transaction, or after a certain season, or even in the next year.

We are willing to wait for months if necessary on the right farm, and, then, move quickly when the time is right. This is an incredible tool for many sellers.


We buy a larger number of farms than just about anyone in the industry. In order to do that, we have to look at far, far more of them.

This gives us a perspective on farm values and our own parameters around buying a farm property. This expertise often allows for another kind of speed - speed to an answer.

Nothing is worse as a seller than being strung along. No one wants to wait around to hear if a buyer is interested. We make the process of selling a property quick and easy.

If a property is right for our investors, we can often give an indication of interest and bid within days. This allows us to come to an agreement with the seller and move the transaction quickly.


Much of the time, farm sales are accomplished only one way. Someone tells their neighbor they hope to sell or a farm goes to auction, and another farmer buys the farm with debt from their local farm credit bank.

That works well for many transactions. There are many transactions, though, where some flexibility does matter. What if the farmer wants to sell but retain some ownership? On the other hand, what if 3 siblings own a property and only 2 want to sell?

We have worked through these scenarios and many others. Understanding how to help all parties involved makes AcreTrader a differentiated buyer of farmland.

How We Work With Land Brokers


Frequently, land brokers and agents have to help a buyer understand what he or she might want to buy. At AcreTrader, we have predetermined ranges at which we purchase properties. We can quickly tell an agent or broker “yes” or “no” on a property.

Furthermore, we can be a quick call for many agents who know we are always buying. We have many people with whom we have worked on multiple transactions.

If we prove ourselves as an effective partner, we know we can do repeat business with a land broker. That makes them more effective and quicker for their clients while also helping them sell more farms.


We have several real estate agents on staff and understand what it is like to work on complex transactions with multiple people having different objectives.

Further, we have a staff of people keeping up with rules and regulations in each state in which we work.

This experience and domain expertise allows us to ensure we are finding the best ways to move forward with all our broker and agent partners.


Real estate transactions of all kinds can be complicated.

We have the ability to tailor our purchases to suit a broker and his or her client’s needs. This makes us an ideal buyer for complex transactions which need unique solutions.

AcreTrader can provide creative solutions, which many other buyers of property cannot. This makes us a unique partner in farmland transactions.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can work with you!

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