External Resources on Alternative Investing and Farmland

November 08, 2022
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Below is a frequently updated list of articles and whitepapers from a variety of asset managers and investment research institutions on alternative investing as well as farmland, timberland, and other topics of interest.

What Happens When Diversification Disappears?

Alliance Bernstein, 13 June 2022

A portfolio construction case study


Investing in farmland


The relationship between inflation and farmland returns

TIAA Center for Farmland Research

The Stock/Bond Correlation

AQR, Q2 2022

Regime Change: Enhancing the ‘Traditional’ Portfolio

KKR, May 2022

How alternatives can address your 60/40 portfolio blues

Apollo, July 2022

Timber investment: The new branch of real assets

J.P. Morgan, 7 September 2022

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