How Does AcreTrader Source Farmland Investments? (Video)

March 30, 2020
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This article was edited to meet broker-dealer compliance guidelines in April of 2023.

Video Transcript

How do you source your farm investments, especially those that are greatly under market value?

Part of that answer is that it's a really big network. So we do actively market to farm owners and to farmers, we work with managers, with lenders, etc.

Let's come back to that slide so you guys can see. We have a lot of farmers that come to us from our web site and farm owners.

Again we work with brokers, managers, with funds, and also farmers. We're working on a couple of deals right now that were brought to us by a farmer that we really like.

So a farmer says hey I want to grow my operation, I heard that Betty Jean down the road maybe selling soon; we say hey, we would love to pursue that, he puts us in touch, and then we're able to help that farmer to grow his operation.

That's the long-winded answer, but the short answer to how we source our farm investments; we make hundreds and hundreds of phone calls every single week with people, whether they're calling us or provided their info to us and we reach out to them.

We are hunting very very far and wide to look at farms and bring AcreTrader the best possible investments.

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